Helvethics wants to make sure that all buying and selling transactions of designs through this portal are legal. We ensure that the intellectual property rights of our designers are completely protected when they provide the designs to this website.

We understand the importance of copyright for our designers working through this site. These guidelines are in place to protect the designer’s legal rights over their works.

Report Copyright Violations

You can report to us through our contact form if you notice any violations of your copyright. In case you find any person using your content without taking your permission, you can send a message to that person to drop the content. However, while reporting your copyright violation in a content discussion, you are not allowed to post any comment that is misleading, false, inaccurate, and libelous. We will deal strictly with such comments.

Helvethics cannot decide whether the content is a case of plagiarism. We are unable to do much about work having influences of other works. We cannot deal with your accusations that someone has copied your work. But we can surely take action against the designers who have directly replicated a work.

We are working on a system that you can use for reporting the negative behavior of other users. You will soon hear from us on such a system in our blog.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (USA) and Copyright Act (India)
If you want the accused to drop your content immediately under the DMCA, you must have a copyright to the content as per the law. This process allows for easy reporting of the copyright violation cases and discourages false reporting of the cases.

Helvethics will take appropriate action in such cases of copyright violations. We can remove such content from our site or disable its access. We will attempt to make contact with the contest owner or the design owner accused of copyright infringement so that they can counter the charges. After you agreed to the terms and conditions of Helvethics, you agreed that we can disclose your contact details to the owners of the design contest or the designers for directly contacting you.

To lodge your complaint of copyright violations with Helvethics, you must send your complaint to the Helvethics Support Team. The written complaint must contain all the necessary details that prove your accusation of copyright violation.

But if your accusation of copyright infringement is found to be false, you will have to bear the fees/charges of the attorney or lawyer involved. In addition, any damages caused to the accused party or parties will be bearable by you.

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